European Blockchain Week:

Blockchain and AI for European Green Deal

European Blockchain Week 2021 (hybrid edition) organised in framework of Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Hosted by Slovenia - The Crypto Country

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European Blockchain Week 2021 is organized by: Blockchain for Trusted Data Ecosystem Digital Innovation Hub, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, European Commision, European Blockchain Partnership,  EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, OECD, Univesity of Ljubljana Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Hashnet, Technology Park Ljubljana, INATBA, DIH Slovenia, SPIRIT Slovenia, Blockchain Alliance Europe and other partners organisations. 

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Following new European twin to green and digital transition and the role of advanced technologies to support the transition, we have a great opportunity for manifestation of the positive impact of the technologies on the transformation of European economy and society. The intention of the event is therefore to guide us to various opportunities technologies can provide on the way to achieve more competitive and resilient economy, while enabling better quality of jobs and lives of the society. In the light of COVID-19 pandemic, The European Green deal is the foundation of Europe response built around green transition with governments, businesses and societies with focus to the recovery. EBCW2021 has an ambition to showcase the contribution of Blockchain and AI to European Green and Digital transition.



SI-HUN Blockchain business forum

European Blockchain Service Infrastructure Piloting

European Blockchain Ecosystems


EU Blockchain Summit: Blockchain & AI for European Green Deal



Blockchain and AI for European Green Deal

Panel 1: Blockchain and AI for Climate Change
Panel 2: Blockchain & AI for Circular Economy
Panel 3: Blockchain and AI for Renewable Energy
Panel 4: Blockchain for Fricitionless Trade (a post-COVID Reality)
Panel 5: Blockchain and AI for SDGs
Panel 6: Sustainable blockchain infrastructures
Panel 7: EU Blockchain Policy Dialogue
Panel 8: Africa – Europe Blockchain Dialogue
Panel 9: Blockchain technology through Slovenian use cases
Panel 10: Financing your Blockchain project
Panel 11: Markets in Crypto-assets Act

Panel 12: DEFI regulation


Workshop 1: Convergence of Blockchain with AI and IoT
Workshop 2: Semantic web and Blockchain
Workshop 3: The Blockchain marketplace and NFTs
Workshop 4: Decentralized Digital Identity
Workshop 5: Blockchain & AI and The future of work

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